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  • Concealed Carry class for your CCW Permit is our most popular class
  • 3 hrs Classroom ONLY (no shooting) $60
  • Easiest and most economical way to qualify for a CCW permit
  • Trip to the shooting range is not required to qualify for your CCW Permit
  • Designed for those familiar with firearms and who have previous shooting experience
  • Includes safe handling & use of handgun
  • Rights and responsibilities of concealed carry
  • Classes held in Colorado Springs, Denver, Loveland, Falcon, Craig
  • OR host your own private class and YOURS IS FREE (minimum of 8 persons total required)



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Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did teaching the CCW class I attended Thursday, Nov. 14th. I really enjoyed the way you presented the material and what you covered! You answered all my questions and provided a lot of information I did not think of. The scenarios you discussed on how to handle situations is perhaps my favorite part of the class. I really appreciate your willingness to help other people learn more about firearm safety! B Blackwell

Loveland CCW Class provides valuable information "Dan's an excellent teacher. We have been to many law enforcement classest & thru' months at the FBI.  We were taking the class thinking it was just a step we needed to go through. Big surprise at Dan's ability to teach in a way that kept our attention. ..learned many new techniques…. Bottom line-these two old dogs learned some valuable information.  A very professional service!". 

Ex Police Chief & Police Woman

I just wanted to express my gratitude and compliment you on the outstanding course that you provided on Dec 15, 2012 in Loveland.  I found your class extremely informative, and enjoyed your instruction.  It's seldom that an instructor can hold the attention of a class, but I felt like the 3 hours went by in a matter of minutes.  I evaluate instructors as part of my job with the USDOL, and you are one of the best instructors that I have encountered. 
Eric J…

Outstanding Instruction
Very serious, very thorough, great examples all taught on a practical level.Tim G
The class was not only informative but “real life” useful. I would highly recommend this class for any gun owner. the instructor was able to break down the material in a way that was easy to understand; not to mention he made it very interesting!Kristen R
Excellent presentation presented in an easy to understand manner with great use of stories and examples. Highly recommended! This ex-cop learned a lot!Doug K
I just wanted to say it was a privilege to be able to sit in your class and even as a law enforcer I learned a lot about the laws in Colorado and great tips on concealed carrying. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed your class and I look foward to attending your defensive shooting classes.Anonymous Military Police Sargent
I know for me personally, just the change in grip alone was such a huge difference in accuracy.Church Security
Very well done. I learned a great deal of information in not too much time. All easily understood, great class.Michael S
Direct, to the point, excellent! Very thorough presentation and I liked the explanations with actual situations and storiesDoug M
Great instructor made the information fun and interesting to learn. Very impressed with the instructors’ knowledge of all aspects of the material taught.Anonymous
Great passion, I can tell that the instructor lives what he teaches. Good demonstrations and the real life examples were great.John I
I took Utah and MA concealed carry classes and I learned more in this 3 hour class with you than in both of those together!Robert O
Instructor Dan kept everyone engaged and explained things thoroughly and gave great examples.Rita P
Thanks so much for sharing your experiences! I would recommend your course to anyone interested in not being a statisticPeyton S
Thank you so much. Scott and I can’t stop talking about all the invaluable information we learned today. Your defensive shooting class was amazing!!Jennifer J
My accuracy left a lot to be desired but after the class I was hitting the central target every time! The instructor teaches an amazing technique – loved it!PT
Really enjoyed the class. The real world examples drove home the facts and realities of the responsibilities of gun carrying.JS
Class was very informative explaining laws and situations that allow the use of deadly force and how to avoid those siutations.SB
My family and I feel a lot more aware of how to protect our home. Safer too after the instructors’ great evaluation and instruction. We would recommend this class to everyone.Dan S.
I have a dangerous job. This class was ideal for me to take me one step further in understanding the laws of concealed carry. My ability to deploy my handgun quickly and efficiently is much improved.Randy J
With a personal security guard team, Dan was able to help me evaluate the right men for the job, training them in good techniques to be efficient and capable. Their defensive shooting techniques were much improved after the class.AW
I had never held a gun before! The instructor was wonderful – allayed my fears, made me feel a lot more competent, safe and aware…and I learned to shoot pretty well!Amanda C.
A great class – very lengthy, detailed and so worthwhile. Now I can reload at a fraction of the cost – thanks to the PDI.Samual D
Highly informative and knowledgeable instructor. It was more than education and was very enjoyable. I will be glad to refer this class to anyone!Michael M

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Security Guard Training Class

Cost and length vary and is customized to client needs.

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Private Instruction

Any length – Classroom and Range. Improve your firearm expertise with a private class designed to meet your needs. Cost varies – please ask.

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NRA Basics of Personal Protection Outside the Home

9 hours classroom, 5 hours range instruction. Learn the skills and attitude needed to safely, responsibly and effectively employ a concealed handgun for self defense. Cost dependent upon numbers – please ask.

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Defensive Shooting

4 hours range instruction. Learn defensive handgun shooting techniques needed when confronted by an aggressor. Qualifies for a CCW Permit. Group cost $75 per person..

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Beginners NRA Basic Pistol

6 hours classroom instruction. 2 hours range instruction. Learn basic pistol, safe handling and shooting techniques. Qualifies for a CCW Permit. Group cost $150 per person.

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NRA Refuse to Be A Victim®

4 hours classroom instruction. Maximize your personal safety by becoming prepared mentally and physically to meet potential threats. Non-firearm Class. Group cost $49 per person.

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NRA Ammunition Reloading Class

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NRA Basic Personal Protection Inside the Home Class

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Women’s Only NRA Basic Pistol Class

6 hours classroom, 2 hours range instruction. Learn basic skills and attitudes necessary to own and use a pistol safely from a women’s perspective. Qualifies for a CCW Permit. Group cost $150 per person.

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Conceal Carry Weapon (CCW) Permit Class

3 hours classroom instruction. Learn advanced shooting skills and the rights and responsibilities of concealed carry. Qualifies for a CCW Permit. Group cost $75 per person.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to get fingerprinted to get a permit?

Yes, as part of the background check a fingerprint verification must be completed.

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What if I forget to renew my permit?

You can apply for renewal any time within 120 days of expiration. If you forget to renew before the expiration, you can still renew your permit within six months after expiration by paying a fifteen-dollar late fee. Permits expired for more than six months require the full application procedure to be repeated.

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If I move within Colorado do I have to get a new permit?

No, but you must advise the issuing sheriff within thirty days of your change of address.

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What do I do if I lose my permit?

You are required to carry your permit and official ID (e.g. driver’s license) anytime you carry concealed. If you lose your permit you must immediately report the loss to the issuing sheriff and obtain a replacement for the renewal cost. You may NOT lawfully carry concealed until the replacement permit is obtained.

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Will my Colorado permit be valid in other states?

It should be valid in any state with which Colorado recognizes reciprocity. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation carries a list of states that recognize Colorado permits on its website. Be very careful when carrying concealed in other states-check the law BEFORE you enter the new jurisdiction.

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What is the cost of a permit?

The sheriff by law can charge no more than $100 for the permit. The fee for the background check as of January 1 2010 is $ 52.50 (this may change without notice).

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Where do I have to apply?

You can apply to the sheriff of your home county, the sheriff of the county in which you own or rent real property to operate a business, or the sheriff of the county in which you currently hold a permit.

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Do I qualify for a permit?

Colorado is a “Shall Issue” state. The sheriff must issue the permit unless you do not meet the following basic requirements.
  • Colorado Resident
  • Age 21 or older
  • Not precluded by law from owning or possessing a firearm ( e.g. felony conviction, mentally incompetent)
  • Does not chronically or habitually abuse alcohol
  • Is not an unlawful user of or addicted to controlled substances
  • Is not the subject of a civil or criminal restraining order
  • Complete background check including fingerprint verification by FBI / CBI
  • Demonstrates competence with handgun ( e.g. this class )

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